Clients, it’s your time to shine! You have all waited for some 7 years to maximize the profits on your home sale. This will be your year. Why is this my strong opinion? Here you go . . .
Point #1.
Interest rates remain stubbornly low. This means that buyers can get “more home” than in the past. Win-Win!
Point #2.
Lenders are beginning to emerge from their self imposed exile. Underwriters are finding more ways to say yes. There are now officers that lend specifically to marginal buyers (underwriting is tougher now though, and rates are naturally higher). Know this : Buyers, of any kind, drive sales . . . and this is GOOD for sellers!
Point #3.
Nashville is uniquely in a special place. Thanks to some incredible leadership on the part of our local government as well as our Chamber of Commerce, Nashville is red hot. There is momentum for older housing right now as well as new construction. Boom town is an understatement.
Point #4.
The Housing Market has it’s moments, good & bad – 2015 has hit it’s sweet spot. However, none of this will last forever. It never does. . .
What are your next steps? Call Condo’s Team! 30+ years in the business has taught us a few things…..