We’re all familiar with lifestyle resolutions people make when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. But where did the idea of a New Year’s Resolution come from? About 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians are said to have made the first New Year’s resolutions. They would hold celebrations when their crops were planted for […]

If you are getting ready to sell your home, your realtor may suggest staging your home to motivate an eager buyer. You may be wondering why. Why should I stage my home? Is it worth it? How will it affect me? Do I need to hire a professional? There are many questions and concerns associated […]

You’ve decided to take the plunge, you’re moving! This is such an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but before you finalize your plans, you’ve got to sell your current home. This is the motivation you need to start packing up your things and start moving forward. If you have learned anything in your lifetime, it’s that […]

You may have heard that spring is THE month to sell your home, but we’ve got tips for selling in the winter months as well! Not everyone has the opportunity to wait until spring to put his or her house on the market, so while it can be more difficult in winter months, it definitely […]

Moving. This sounds like a lot of work and could mean a new job for you and a new school for your kids. There might even be unknowns associated with your move and this is unsettling. However, moving can prove beneficial for you and your family if you are able to view this experience from […]

Is it a good time to sell my home during the holidays? This question has two parts to it. On one hand, trying to sell your home during the holidays could prove successful because many have more time off work during the holidays, giving time to search for houses. In addition, many listings go off […]

While Nashville is not known for its epic snowfalls, we do experience cold nights and fluctuating temperatures throughout winter. As the seasons start to change, it’s time to begin “winterizing” your home to keep up with the decor trends, but also to ensure that you feel warm and comfortable this winter. Maximize warmth – take […]