1. Meet with us before beginning. Our first meeting will be via telephone, Skype, or face to face. We need all decision makers present. This meeting usually lasts about an hour.

2. Next, Meet with your lender. Sometimes we can bring the lender to our initial meeting. Your lender will outline a list of all documents you will need to be pre-approved for a loan. Homework done now will save lots of heartbreak! (Sorry, company policy will not allow us to work with clients that are not pre-approved or have proof of funds to close).

3. Lets’s go Find a home! Years in the business have taught us that when we truly listen to our clients as well as know the communities you are interested in, Your buying experience will be educational, enjoyable, and you will find a home you will love for many many years to come.

Key to Happiness:

Finding perfect is not likely. Make a list in your mind of “must have’s”, “like to have’s”, and “would be nice to haves”.
This process will be very very helpful as we move forward!

Key to Success:

Homes are one of the most important and expensive things you will ever purchase. We have found that our buyers say that focus is the single most important thing they do when touring homes. Our buyers have taught us that they simply leave children younger than 6 years of age with family or sitters. We have found that it truly makes for a much better buying experience.

Buying and closing on THE home for you!

While searching for your new home you will learn that real estate markets come and go. We’ve seen many buyers markets and many seller markets. Its our job to educate you on the nature of the market at the time you are buying and to help you be competitive in ANY market. Further, we have the trusted vendors to make sure the due diligence is performed to protect you.

After The Sale:

We simply won’t go away!! We will remain with you for ever….or until you run us off. We ask that you allow us to serve as a source for all things home. We know the best vendors for home repair, home updating, and all things home. We also know the best pediatricians, best dentists, best family doctors, best of just about everything! Painter? We’ve got him, Handyman? We’ve got him. Best realtor where you may be moving next? We’ve got him/her!

We welcome and expect your calls. Our 39 years of successful service to Nashville speaks for itself. How may we serve you?