1. Spruce up your yard. All of it. Trim hedges, cut and keep grass trimmed. The yard and how the home sits on it are the first thing a buyer sees.

2. Exterior front door area should be fresh (paint if needed), and spotless. The lock should work flawlessly. Flowers are a nice welcoming touch. Some families remove or replace the door knocker.

3. Walking in the front door is the single most important moment a buyer will experience. I’ve heard home buyers say “WOW” the second they walk through the front door. Make this experience monumental! Call a skilled friend or interior designer to help you make that critical first impression. Remember, since the buyer is leaving out the door they came in, it will be their last memory!

4. The remainder of the floor plan should be spotless, free of clutter, windows washed, blinds open and inviting light in.

Pets should be in pet care during all showings, especially those pets that may not be welcoming. Closets should have shelves partially open as well as clothes hanging areas.

5. IMPORTANT! If you can smell it, you will NEVER sell it! Pet odors, mold, moth balls, or heavy cover up scents send buyers out the door mumbling to themselves. If you have a smell issue, ask our team about how to eliminate each of them. We have the crew to remove the bad scents.

But what about good smells?
Some say to bake cookies prior to open houses. It works. However if you don’t have the time, just place a few drops of vanilla on a cookie sheet, crank up the heat to 225 for 10 minutes.

6. Basements and attics should mirror the public areas. Wipe down water heater(s), HVAC unit(s). Odors here are also deal killers.

7. Best Kept Secret: Painting your entire home will always deliver your investment back. Always.

Keep colors neutral. Ask your painter or paint distributor what the most popular colors are and use those. Freshen/professionally clean and stretch carpets. Consider replacing carpets that are beyond repair. It’s worth it.


1. Replace or update kitchens, hardwoods, or bathrooms. Chances are, whatever you choose in the way of design will not please buyers..

2. Replace your roof….unless its leaking!

3. Replace your HVAC or hot water heaters. In a tough or down market this will likely HELP you sell your home but don’t expect dollar for dollar return.

Now you’re ready to sell your home!

Never ever miss a chance to show your home. Open houses work. Many of the visitors to your open house will be neighbors, some simply “lookie loos”, but 1 out of 50 will actually make an offer. Winter time? Offer hot chocolate. Summer? Lemonade!!!

Key to the sale…..and most important on any checklist:

Proper pricing!

Your home absolutely must reflect market conditions… Today’s buyers and buyer brokers are very savvy. They know the market cold…after all they have seen ALL the homes that are competing directly with yours! They have seen the statistics. They will choose the home that meets their needs the most, offers the least hassle in terms of clean up, repairs, or updating. Should your home offer great potential for a total rehab, price it to reflect that. That’s why you’ve got us. 39 years of practice has taught us many lessons. We will get you there with all our secrets.

Key to the sale after you go under contract:

Knowing what you’ve negotiated! Realizing that inspections (of all kinds) as well as a list of “deal killers” will be challenging the condition of your home as well as the price you have negotiated. This is where we come in. It’s our job to help you know what to negotiate and to unwind the web of issues that always come up. We’ve got this.